WATSON // Celebrating 5 Years


While we were established in 2008, Matt’s only been doing this full time since 2013. It’s hard to believe that we’ve strategized, designed, coded, illustrated and filmed for clients big and small for half a decade now. A big thanks to everyone for all your support over these last five years; I still can’t believe how lucky we are to have such wonderful clients (see a sample of recent work below). All of us here at Watson are looking forward to another five years and can’t wait to see where we end up at the grand-old-age of ten!

Image of yankees app


Yes, those New York Yankees. It may have taken us five years, but we’ve finally made it to the Big Leagues. No matter your baseball allegiances, it’s impossible not to be impressed by Yankee Stadium, and our visit was certainly inspirational. The result? A powerful, multi-tiered club experience for season ticket holders and loyal fans.


Working with the Oregon Ballet Theatre was as fascinating as it was rewarding, and we’re so proud to have them as a partner. This from Artistic Director Kevin Irving: “We are so thrilled with the work that we did with Watson, I cannot give them enough credit for having run the process so thoughtfully and with so much creativity and with so much investment in our world. And, you know, at the end of the day, could you ask for more?”

MEET CIRCLE (With Disney)

We’re pretty certain Naomi – star of the latest promotional video Watson created for CIRCLE – has a big career ahead of her. Watson worked with CIRCLE to conduct national qualitative research for new markets, building a comprehensive strategy for retail and online growth. The results have led to CIRCLE’s revised messaging and packaging, as well as the above video written, directed and produced by Watson.


From precise temperature through its copper boiling element to the perfect bloom from its custom outlet arm and basket, Moccamaster obsessively makes a perfect cup of coffee every time. Handmade in the Netherlands, Watson brought a similar obsessiveness to their North American launch with hand-drawn illustrations, original photography and video, Magento website and packaging.

A Little Bit of Vice

Phoenix Rising Farm

Moët & Chandon

Numerous Wineries

Wild Roots Vodka

A Whole Lot of Nice

Right to Dream

WC Puchased 1 of 10 Homes for those in need.


Reducing fear and complications for breast cancer patients

The Golden Heart Fund

Program to Help Athletes after Pro Career

San Jose State University

Institute for Sport, Society and Social Change

Non-profits we’ve been lucky to collaborate with and serve in our local community
We started on Mississippi Ave. in 301 sq/ft, ramping up to 9 junior staff sardined into one room working off TV trays
2017 – Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies – Portland Business Journal



WC Culture

BRONCOS – Matt’s son wins yelling contest

Filming for Wild Roots Vodka – Cranberries

Check out our newly expanded office

Alice in Wonderland Gala
Oregon Ballet Theater

WATSON // Celebrating 5 Years
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