Watson Featured Globally by Adobe

IT ALL STARTED WITH A DEMO. About a year ago, Adobe asked Watson if they could visit our studio to present the latest version of Adobe XD, an all-in-one tool for UX designers. Always open to improving, we immediately agreed. Let’s just say we were thoroughly impressed. This initial meeting led to Matt attending the Adobe MAX conference in LA last year, followed by a studio-wide switch from our previous tool set to XD (a decision we didn’t take lightly).  Immediately we noticed improved workflows and universal efficiencies. Cue the celebratory high fives.

We got along so well and had so much to say about it, Adobe flew up to capture our thoughts on video. It includes perspectives from Matt and the WC team, including Art Director Angi Arrington, Senior Writer Ian Miller, and Senior Designer Anna Gray.

We’re so thrilled with the video. It perfectly encapsulates our support of XD and the amazing impact it’s had on our studio. Thank you to the Adobe XD team for the hard work put into making this video possible!

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Watson Featured Globally by Adobe
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