Kristin Van Buskirk

As the Watson Creative Speaker Series moves forward, we were lucky enough to have Kristin Van Buskirk from Woonwinkle Design Shop of Portland in to speak on the huge topic of color and it’s use in the design field.

Drawing on her years as Nike Design Director, Kristin took us through her color journey, both in the design phase and the retail world. Inspiration, sourcing, seasonal and trend considerations as well as the impact of a global marketplace were all covered.

She also talked about how her new adventure in retail, the Woonwinkle shop, really transformed itself through the use of color, both from an interior design perspective as well as how she stocks the store with products, based on color palettes.

It was great to have Kristen join us and share her years of experience in the color field. Be sure to visit her shop if you’re in the Portland area or online here:

Kristin Van Buskirk
by Watson Creative