November 3, 2020: You choose.
Responding to the now.


How are we doing? “We” as in the people, not the nation.

People are real. They have cells and organs and intelligence and belief. You can talk to people. Nations are real only insofar as people say they are. It is people who draw the lines. Write the laws. Enact the policies that govern themselves and others. It is people who imbue symbols with substance, objects with meanings, and systems with power.

And when those structures fray and fail, it is people who must step in and sort out the damage. We seem to forget this. The choices we make to shape our realities. The responsibility to repair our imaginations when they break.

Because look at us. The injustice. The rage. The division. Isolation and fear, disgust and disgrace. The loss.

Who signed up for this?

Truth is, we did. This is ours. The question now: is this us? And there is nothing—no line, no law, no policy, no symbol, no object, no system, no nation—that can answer that question. Only people. Only you.

We choose.



There is work to do.