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Create purpose across the breadth of your organization

Welcome to Motiv8

A SaaS product developed by the designers and storytellers at Watson Creative, Motiv8 is the only engagement platform with a fully adaptable and scalable ecosystem capable of transforming customers into brand champions.

Deep connections. Immersive participation. Rewarding relationships. If you can measure it, Motiv8 can incentivize it.

Gamified behavior
Managed teams
Smart content
Profile intelligence

Event management
Smart commerce
Social amplifier
Exclusive rewards


Gamified Behavior

Managed Teams

Smart Content

Profile Intelligence

Event Management

Smart Commerce

Social Amplifier

Exclusive Rewards

Engine of engagement.

Gamified Behavior

Behavior is at the core of Motiv8 and our advanced gamification system provides users with tangible goals, measurable accomplishments and status within their community. As needs and interests change over time, behaviors and rewards can be adapted on the fly, providing deep flexibility to ensure your users stay active and engaged.

  • Advanced points engine to positively influence behavior with each interaction
  • Targeted and flexible points promotions for any activity
  • Perfect for sports marketing, arts and entertainment, software and technology, and more

Team-based architecture.

Managed teams

Motiv8’s role-based architecture allows for users to share personalized experiences together, either with pre-existing groups and teams, or with new individuals collaborating for the first time. In addition, roles and attributes can determine access to special discounts, lounges, web pages, rewards, badges or anything else you can dream up.

  • User segmentation for formal teams or organic groups
  • Rewards, activations, content for individual roles, team activities, and achievements
  • Perfect for architecture and construction, legal, public service, and more

Tailored and measurable content.

Smart content

As users engage with new experiences, MOTIV8 can provide intelligent content, tailored to specific customer needs and personality traits. Likewise, you have the ability to measure content as it is consumed, downloaded or watched.

  • Trackable content for specific customer needs and personality traits
  • Quizzes and surveys to measure comprehension and retention
  • Perfect for banking and finance, health and wellness, consumer goods, and more

Quality and up-to-date information.

Profile intelligence

Motiv8 allows you to quantify users’ interests in specific activities, measure their influence on their friends and social networks, and incentivize them to share quality and up-to-date profile information.

  • Custom profile fields based on user actions and interests
  • Incentivized profile building for quality and up-to-date data
  • Perfect for destinations and attractions, arts and entertainment, health and wellness, and more

Deeper experiences.

Event management

Positive events and experiences with your brand are key to building deep and long-term loyalty. Motiv8 enriches events through unique offers and incentives, encouraging deeper engagement for richer, more memorable, and longer lasting events.

  • Event-specific rewards for on-the-ground activities
  • Steer deeper engagement before and after events
  • Perfect for sports marketing, athletes and celebrities, arts and entertainment, and more

Loaded value. Targeted discounts.
Points exchange.

Smart commerce

MOTIV8 gives you precise control over how your members conduct their spending. Loaded value, discounts and exchanges allow for flexible spending, whether it’s on the ground or in the cloud.

  • Use the built-in e-commerce store or third party integrations
  • Create, issue and manage loaded value with time-limited duration
  • Perfect for consumer goods, footwear and apparel, software and technology, and more

Outsized social footprint.

Social amplifier

Realize an outsized social footprint through MOTIV8’s powerful social media integrations and incentives. MOTIV8 transforms your customers into brand ambassadors, filling your social stream with user-generated photos, content and posts.

  • Rewards for integrating social media accounts and sharing engagements
  • Single sign-on with compatible social media platforms
  • Perfect for athletes and celebrities, health and wellness, causes, and more

Rewards money can’t buy.

Exclusive rewards

Whether it’s running onto an NFL field with your grandchild, experiencing a shark tank dive with your significant other, or watching a play from the theatre’s wings, users are motivated by experiential rewards that money can’t buy.

  • Reward inventory manager
  • Reward redemption, auction and loyalty code manager
  • Perfect for attractions and destinations, sports marketing, consumer goods, and more

The Game has changed

Inspire. Empower. Motivate.

By employing behavioral science, data, gamification, and storytelling, Motiv8 can incentivize and measure anything that you dream up—empowering your customers at every touchpoint through intrinsic motivation. Whether you sell products, services, or experiences, your customers want at a seat at the table. Motiv8 gives them a chair.






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