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PORTLAND (OR) – December 23, 2013 – Cooper Design Builders, a full-service construction firm based in Portland, Oregon, was featured today on’s Real Estate for its innovative use of social media to potential customers and the public.

The MSN Real Estate article, written by By April Dykman, lauded Cooper Design Builders’ fun and informative use of Instagram to present step-by-step photographs of their restoration projects, declaring Cooper Design Builders as the contractors with the “Best step-by-step shots.”

Although the praise comes as a pleasant surprise, the attention garnered by the firm’s social media strategy is no fluke. Cooper Design Builders’ social media strategy is the result of a long-term collaboration with of design-led business consultancy firm Watson Creative.

“Our social outreach strategy was one of the facets of our work,” said Watson. “We are delighted that this strategy is paying off for Cooper Design Builders. They are coming off of an extremely successful year, and it’s a pleasure to watch them grow.”

“Watson Creative has completely transformed our brand and marketing process,” said Sherri White, director of operations for Cooper Design Builders. “They have redone our website, streamlined our logo, and built all our brochures to be fluid and consistent. Matt Watson started us down the road of video; the first one was very touching, and it was great to see our clients living well in their homes.” Matt Watson, founder and creative director at Watson Creative, was adamant that a sound social media outreach strategy would benefit the construction firm. Watson, who also teaches Design, Brand Marketing, Brand Design, Marketing, and Social Media at local universities in Portland, helped Cooper Design Builders make social media an essential part of their revamped communications strategy.

About Watson Creative
Watson Creative is a design-led business consultancy firm based in Portland, Oregon. Founded by Matt Watson, a design expert with 11 years experience with Nike, Watson Creative offers a wide range of business-led design services, including brand management and strategy, rebranding services, web design, VIP and athlete branding, and business strategy.

About Cooper Design Builders
A full-service construction firm based in Portland, Oregon, Cooper Design Builders is an award-winning remodeler and builder with deep roots in the local community. Their innovative “Total Home Care” service helps homeowners to manage, maintain, and improve their homes now and in the years to come.

Cooper Design Builders // Social Media MSN.COM
by Watson Creative