Project Description

Slice of a City

We love our city. Slice Of A City asked us to put that love in a box. There was only one answer.

The first rule of improv is the only rule of improv. You have to say YES. Building a brand from scratch is a lot like improv.

You can’t control any of the variables. You have to work with what you’re given, and great creative happens within the constraints of context.

Here’s a box, here’s a city. Same prompt, same instruction. The only question: What are you going to do with the challenge that you’ve been given?


The answer is open. There is no right, no wrong. Concept, design, UX—what else?

Every opportunity to create is the opportunity to make something instead of nothing.

Say yes.

Thank you, Slice Of A City, for putting us in a box.


Breakthroughs come from the cross-pollination of experience, ideas, and expertise.

Ready to break through?

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