Summer Spotlight: Intern Edition

Our summer interns have arrived and are already hard at work and acclimating to agency life. In the fast-paced world of Watson Creative, it’s important that they roll with the punches and dive straight into their work – so far they’re nailing it! Our interns get a real, hands-on experience creating marketing and branding content for our clients, from copywriting to web design and everything in between. We were able to sit down with our interns for a quick get-to-know-you Q&A and finished just in time for them to complete their most important task: a coffee run (just kidding).

Our digital marketing intern Cole interned with us last summer and liked us enough to come back around this year. He currently attends University of Oregon and will be going into his Junior year this fall.

Our graphic design intern Phoenix recently graduated from Oregon State University with a graphic design degree. She has blue hair (this week) and is a magician with the mouse. A native of Richland, OR, she practices makeup art, photography, and animation in her free time.

Check out the questionnaire below to get to know our super fab interns!

Where is your hometown?

Cole: San Jose, CA

Phoenix: Richland, OR

What are you studying?

Cole: Business with a minor in Communications.

Phoenix: Graphic Design with a minor in New Media Communications (graduated 2018).

What are some of your hobbies?

Cole: Making music and playing soccer.

Phoenix: FX Makeup art, photography, and animation.

What are you looking to get out of this internship?

Cole: A valuable work experience, to build relationships, and network.

Phoenix: A job offer.

Who are your favorite music artists?

Cole: Frank Ocean

Phoenix: Anberlin

What’s your favorite movie/TV show?

Cole: Seinfeld

Phoenix: Bones

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Cole: Working for a soccer team in Europe.

Phoenix: Traveling in South America.

What’s the first thing you would buy if you won the lottery?

Cole: An Audi R8.

Phoenix: Vacation for my mom.

What’s your spirit animal?

Cole: Tiger

Phoenix: Hint: I’m named after it.

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Cole: Pasta

Phoenix: Tillamook cheddar cheese

Beach or mountains?

Cole: Beach

Phoenix: Beach

What’s your favorite thing about working at Watson? (shamelessly fishing for compliments)

Cole: Relaxed environment and my co-workers

Phoenix: Watson is okay… Just kidding. I love that I can consistently be proud of the work produced here because of Watson’s dedication to good design, and employment of excellent people.

Summer Spotlight: Intern Edition
by Watson Creative