Humility. Kindness.
Crazy, mad talent.

Bonfires and bullhorns.

Analytics. Metrics. Data. Pivots based on actionable insights. We study behavior, research trends. We run A, then B. We make C, followed by D and E. We see patterns. We listen to feedback. We check our egos. We fail, and fail better. This is what it means to be a research-based creative studio: study, plan, build, launch, test. Assess. Revise. Repeat.

Never stop.


This is Watson Creative

CEO + Executive Creative Director

Matt Watson

Creative lead. Business strategist. Sneakerhead. Matt cut his teeth as a designer at Lippincott NYC before joining NIKE as a senior member of its creative team for over a decade. After leaving Nike to take care of his father who was dying of cancer, Matt taught courses at local universities and freelanced from his drafty attic in North Portland. Today, Watson Creative is a multidisciplinary creative studio that shapes businesses from the inside out. Leading a team of researchers, strategists, creatives, developers, and storytellers, Matt has focused the studio’s diverse capabilities on a singular goal: to be counted among the best creative studios on the West Coast.


Yells at: Oregon State Beavers. All-time, most favorite: Original Air Max 90. Magic superpower: Observation.

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VP of Operations

Michelle Blinkhorn

Backed by two decades of agency and client-side experience, Michelle oversees operations at Watson—optimizing the processes and tools that support the people who make Watson Creative. Launching her career as a writer and brand strategist, Michelle was quickly drawn to the connection points between research, strategy, and execution, with specific interest in how brand character is expressed across products, services, and marketing communications. She has driven cross-disciplinary design and marketing solutions for world class brands including: SirusXM, NIKE, Samsung, Intel, Wacom, Logitech, Graco, Rubbermaid, Precor, Memorex, TDK, Whirlpool, Microsoft, and Johnson & Johnson. As a fourth-generation Oregonian, Michelle likes to spend as much time as possible outside skiing, gardening and hiking with her dogs.


Favorite Authors: Toni Morrison, John Steinbeck, Philip Roth, Norman Rush, JD Salinger, Ernest Hemingway. Favorite Bands: Tribe Called Quest, Everything But The Girl, Erykah Badu, Dave Brubeck, Morcheeba, Nina Simone.

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VP of Creative

Angi Arrington

Alchemy is everywhere. Angi’s job is to extract it. As a shooting guard and three-year starter at St. Mary’s University, Angi launched her career by blending her love for sports and design at WinCraft. She partnered with the NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA, MLS, and NASCAR to create custom designs for professional athletes and teams. After WinCraft, she dove headlong into agency life, collaborating with giants such as 3M and Douglas Elliman. Widely recognized for her creative expertise and talents, Adobe asked Angi to join the 2019 Adobe Illustration Grand Summit in New Delhi, India. There she worked with a team of her peers from around the globe and Adobe product engineers to advance future iterations of Illustrator. From print to digital, analytical to mystical, Angi’s intelligence and tenacity give her the ability to flex across the spectrum of commercial art: strategy to creative to execution. Whether crafting campaigns for the Oregon Symphony, rebranding a Silicon Valley VC firm, or directing a lifestyle photoshoot for the Washington County Sheriff’s Department, Angi’s deep design thinking transforms how brands are received by the world.


You’ll be presented with opportunities to excel. Opportunities to struggle. Opportunities to be significant. Opportunities to be humbled. Opportunities to cry hard, to be foolish, and to love. Embrace them all.

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VP of Strategy

Greg Needham

Greg got his start in design when he first touched a computer in 1985. He majored in design and history, then worked as a designer, art director, and photographer in the Portland area. He ran his own agency in South Florida in 2006, where he worked with both local and national clients, including MTV and the Waldorf Astoria and Hyatt hotel chains. He was Creative Director for MOSAK Advertising & Insights in Austin, Texas, working with a wide range of clients including the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department and 3M, helping create award winning local and national campaigns. Greg joined Watson Creative in 2015, where he heads up the creative department and makes the connection between strategy and the creative process.


First: make the work better, always make it better. Second: coffee, always coffee. Third: travel in the direction of your fears.

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Executive Creative Director

Howard York, MFA

Hard to tell by just looking at him but Howard has close to 50 years experience as brand specialist. Starting in the mid 60’s in New York during the “golden age” of design firms he worked for some of the top firms including: Lippincott, Interbrand, Enterprise and then eventually in California for Saul Bass. Howard’s long career includes responsibilities for global programs for Exxon, Sanyo, McDonald’s, Taco Bell and even includes airport signage and way-finding for airports in Saudi Arabia and the Nashville Bus terminal. He has won hundreds of design awards, has been widely published and his work is in the permanent design collections of both MOMA and Cooper Hewitt museums in NY.


Is just as comfortable on land as in the water
Spent 3 months practicing silent meditation at a Buddhist monastery
Dreams of having a show of his paintings

Senior Account Director

Todd Jetton

Account leadership. Problem slayer. Competitive cyclist. Todd built his 20-year career in design by directing client engagements for top creative agencies on the West Coast—including Second Story, Opus, Ziba Design, and now Watson Creative. He has led strategic, creative programs for Daimler, Intel, Wacom, SiriusXM, Logitech, Proctor & Gamble, Costco, Citibank, LiNing, and Nike, to name a few. Multidisciplinary in approach and experience, Todd has flexed across digital, print, production, service, software, and retail—cultivating creative cultures that can meet the demands of today’s design and innovation challenges. Determined. Positive. A center of calm in the storm. Todd believes that creativity is a powerful force for good in the world. A husband, father of two, and cyclocross maniac, Todd never loses sight of what matters: bringing a vision to life.


Search for peace and maintain it.

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Senior Project Manager

Wendy Slocum

Backed by 17+ years of marketing program and project management experience, Wendy has worked with Daimler Trucks North America, adidas, Mentor Graphics, Outward Bound, and business accelerator entrepreneurial ventures. She has pitched plans for new business and startup investment, consulted executive teams to create marketing and operational strategies, and developed processes for advisory teams and boards of directors. Driven by the desire to unpack what motivates and inspires people, Wendy is passionate about delivering engaging experiences. She is deeply committed to understanding an organization’s definition of success and collaborating with dynamic teams to exceed expectations. She believes everyone has a unique story to tell and thrives on creating opportunities for those to be shared. Outside the studio, Wendy loves to travel. Diving in Fiji. Spelunking in New Zealand. Cliff jumping in Cinque Terre. Hiking Colorado’s fourteeners. Combing the beaches of Bali. If it’s out there, Wendy wants to see it.


Running. Tennis. Cycling. Learning to code. Hashtag inscribed on the inseams of Wendy’s heart: #dontdiewondering.


Accounting + HR Manager

Holly Subia

Numbers and people. Holly has made it her life’s work to square those circles. Not easy to do. But once you’ve served as lead analyst, SAP trainer, and business partner in the Budget Management Branch for the California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation, you learn how to geometrize a path through “not easy to do.” The trick? Creating stories from analytics. Because data is never more than half of every equation. In addition to her role with the state of California, Holly was a Recruiting Manager at Robert Half, where she honed her skills in talent development, human resources, and account management. Fiscally responsible. Relentlessly inquisitive. Inventively artistic. Holly is the solution.


Two truths and a partial lie. Named her puppy after English footballer, Wayne Rooney. Favorite movie, “It’s Complicated” with Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin, and Steve Martin (and the reason why Watson hired her). One half of an identical twin pairing with whom she communicates in stereo.

Digital Strategist

Brenden Bittner

Perception is the prism that shapes reputation. Measuring perception is Brenden’s job. Numbers. Stats. Insights. When everyday is a puzzle to solve, you can’t get lost looking for the next piece. Brenden translates data and research into creative action. He has optimized campaigns for Emerick Architects, Oregon Symphony, Umpqua Bank, Ariaprene, Chown Hardware, and Upright Brewing. He escapes the studio to kayak, get lost in the Pearl District, or drink bourbon at the Bit House Saloon.


There is a giant tattoo on Brenden’s chest. It reads: “If you aren’t measuring, testing, and pivoting, you’re just advertising.” For real.

Junior Developer

Hunter Watson

Hunter knows code. Maybe all of the codes.


Enough said.


Giselle Boyer

Bio coming soon.

Senior Designer

Meg Frendt

Doodler. Brand empath. Goofball. Extreme sports addict. Meg stumbled into the design world after realizing she wasn’t fulfilled by being an artist, and that she wanted to make functional art that bettered the lives of others. After four years of diving head first into Portland’s design industry, she found her calling at Watson and has loved every minute since joining the team.

Mountain biking. My soul mate of a husband. My dog who is my actual soul mate. My friends and family. Good food. CrossFit. These are the elements of my life that make me who I am today and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Associate Creative Director

Ian Miller

“If you don’t call it art, you’re likely to get a better result.” That’s Brian Eno, and gospel to Ian’s approach to creative services. Understand the need. Set the intention. Get to work. Because making something new—something that matters—takes attention, guts, resiliency, and a regenerative sense of purpose and wonder. This is true for people. And it’s true for brands. As a writer and strategist, Ian has created award-winning work for Umpqua Bank, Oregon Symphony, University of Virginia, Tillamook Dairy, Portland State University, Whole Foods, ConMet, Chatham Financial, KinderCare Education, and LEAP IP. Prior to his career in branding, Ian served on the faculty at Cornell University, where he was thrice awarded Excellence in Teaching. Ian is proud to call Watson Creative home.


“What you can become is the miracle you were born to be through the work that you do.” (Kurt Vonnegut) “You got to stay ready to keep from getting ready.” (Young Thug) “Not that one is the first to see something new, but that one sees as new what is old, long familiar, seen and overlooked by everybody” (Friedrich Nietzsche) “We die. That may be the meaning of life. But we do language. That may be the measure of our lives.” (Toni Morrison)

Full Bio
Senior Engineer

Víctor Rivas

Bio coming soon.

Content Writer

Ava Goodling

Ava began her career in marketing at Oregon Children’s Theatre (OCT), where she helped promote the enriching (and fun!) experience of theater for young people. Her time at OCT helped drive her passion for content creation and strategy, which she now deploys across an assortment of industries at Watson Creative. She thrives off of the variety of the day-to-day at Watson, where there truly is never a dull moment. Select clients include Umpqua Bank, Emerick Architects, Chown Hardware, and Upright Brewing.


What does Ava enjoy? First, anything Christmas—#bestholidayever. Second, cooking in her tiny kitchen. And third, watching bad television with her dog as the only witness.

Account Director

Sandy Ragnetti

Highly experienced marketing professional with deep knowledge of the public sector from her years of work in that area. Sandy enjoys the process of developing brands and has the expertise to execute complex initiatives that produce results. Her specialties include brand strategy, marketing comms, advertising, creative thinking, digital and social media strategy, project management, business management, production management, content development, and client relations.

With over a decade of experience in government contracts totaling $10m+, Sandy has served as the liaison between advertising, branding, and marketing agencies, clients, and government decision makers. She has led strategy development directed research to gain key consumer insights—coordinating an integrated approach between traditional, print, and PR efforts.

In particular, she served as agency account director and strategist for Metro, Portland’s largest regional government agency. While serving that account, Sandy worked directly on the creative platforms for the garbage and recycling program, transportation, Healthy Home, and MetroPaint divisions—aligning with Metro’s 2030 plan to support under-served communities.

Associate Creative Director

Kate Gates

With 8 years of industry experience, Kate has had a successful and busy career leading teams in concepting, selling and producing award-winning creative work. Client work includes a variety of brands such as Goodyear, Southwest Airlines, Walgreens, Dodge, Hilton Hotels, and many more.

Portland is her favorite place to be.


Music enthusiast. Flower fanatic. Dog devotee. Science communication connoisseur.

Studio Manager

Jessica Watson

Creativity meets organizational efficiency. That’s Jessica. With a masters in counseling psychology from Washington State University, Jessica is responsible for mapping the evolution of macro trends as well as helping manage the day-to-day needs of the studio.


Loves to root for: Washington State Cougars. Obsession: Pinterest. Bragging rights: Worked for Head Start and the Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP).


Don’t compete.

As long as you’re willing to dig down (capturing, excavating, and manifesting the essence of who you are), you’ll know why you exist and how your ideas, products, and services can scorch the fields of competition.


Traveling the distance between the start of something and the point where it lights up the world.


Great creative engages the heart, the body, and the mind with transformative inquiries.


Beauty has to be seen to be beautiful. And anything beautiful has to perform.

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