Humility. Kindness.
Crazy, mad talent.

Bonfires and bullhorns.

Analytics. Metrics. Data. Pivots based on actionable insights. We study behavior, research trends. We run A, then B. We make C, followed by D and E. We see patterns. We listen to feedback. We check our egos. We fail, and fail better. This is what it means to be a research-based creative studio: study, plan, build, launch, test. Assess. Revise. Repeat.

Never stop.


This is Watson Creative

CEO + Executive Creative Director

Matt Watson

Creative lead. Business strategist. Sneakerhead. Matt cut his teeth as a designer at Lippincott NYC before joining NIKE as a senior member of its creative team for over a decade. After leaving Nike to take care of his father who was dying of cancer, Matt taught courses at local universities and freelanced from his drafty attic in North Portland. Today, Watson Creative is a multidisciplinary creative studio that shapes businesses from the inside out. Leading a team of researchers, strategists, creatives, developers, and storytellers, Matt has focused the studio’s diverse capabilities on a singular goal: to be counted among the best creative studios on the West Coast.


Yells at: Oregon State Beavers. All-time, most favorite: Original Air Max 90. Magic superpower: Observation.

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VP of Strategy

Greg Needham

Greg got his start in design when he first touched a computer in 1985. He majored in design and history, then worked as a designer, art director, and photographer in the Portland area. He ran his own agency in South Florida in 2006, where he worked with both local and national clients, including MTV and the Waldorf Astoria and Hyatt hotel chains. He was Creative Director for MOSAK Advertising & Insights in Austin, Texas, working with a wide range of clients including the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department and 3M, helping create award winning local and national campaigns. Greg joined Watson Creative in 2015, where he heads up the creative department and makes the connection between strategy and the creative process.


First: make the work better, always make it better. Second: coffee, always coffee. Third: travel in the direction of your fears.

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VP of Creative

Angi Arrington

“I believe every client must be challenged to achieve the extraordinary. Playing it safe gets you nowhere. But going bold without clear intentions isn’t the answer either. You need logic and passion. Well-researched strategy and inventive design. Pragmatism and wild abandon. Magic in the synthesis of oppositions. The magic of Watson is our ability to couple big agency expertise with entrepreneurial ambition and agility. Whether you’re the front office of the New York Yankees or the genetics team at a blueberry farm, we’re going to dig into what you love to do and help you do more of it for more people.”

Alchemy is everywhere. Angi’s job is to extract it. As a collegiate athlete, Angi launched her career by blending her love for sports and design at WinCraft where she partnered with the NFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA, MLS, and NASCAR to create custom designs for professional athletes and teams. After WinCraft, she pivoted between internal teams and agency life, collaborating with giants such as 3M and Douglas Elliman. Widely recognized for her creative expertise and talents, Adobe asked Angi to join the 2019 Adobe Illustration Grand Summit in New Delhi, India. There she worked with a team of her peers from around the globe and Adobe product engineers to advance future iterations of the Illustrator program. From print to digital, analytical to mystical, Angi’s intelligence and tenacity give her the ability to flex across the spectrum of commercial art: from strategy to creative to execution. Whether crafting campaigns for the Oregon Symphony, rebranding a Silicon Valley VC firm, or directing a lifestyle photoshoot for The Autism Society of America, Angi’s deep design thinking transforms how brands are received by the world.


You’ll be presented with opportunities to excel. Opportunities to struggle. Opportunities to be significant. Opportunities to be humbled. Opportunities to cry hard, to be foolish, and to love. Embrace them all.

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Executive Creative Director

Howard York, MFA

Hard to tell by just looking at him but Howard has close to 50 years experience as brand specialist. Starting in the mid 60’s in New York during the “golden age” of design firms he worked for some of the top firms including: Lippincott, Interbrand, Enterprise and then eventually in California for Saul Bass. Howard’s long career includes responsibilities for global programs for Exxon, Sanyo, McDonald’s, Taco Bell and even includes airport signage and way-finding for airports in Saudi Arabia and the Nashville Bus terminal. He has won hundreds of design awards, has been widely published and his work is in the permanent design collections of both MOMA and Cooper Hewitt museums in NY.


Is just as comfortable on land as in the water
Spent 3 months practicing silent meditation at a Buddhist monastery
Dreams of having a show of his paintings

Senior Account Director

Todd Jetton

“Complex problems, compelling experiences, and elegant, creative solutions – that’s what get’s me out of bed in the mornings (…that, and, a bike ride before work!).”

While spending 20+ years working with some of the most intense, brilliant, and creative business owners in Portland, Oregon, Todd identified that the key to a successful agency model is the right balance of pushing for great work and inspiring great teams.

With a lengthy background in design, business, digital, print, product, service, software, and retail, Todd has worked with some of the top creative agencies on the west coast, including Second Story, Opus, Ziba Design, and now Watson Creative.

In 2015, Todd became the Director of Partnerships for a parking app startup, Citifyd, and helped radically expand the adoption of their parking and payment platform by securing contracts with the Portland Timbers, the Portland Trailblazers, the Pepsi Center, the Denver Nuggets, and the Denver Avalanche.

With a multi-disciplinary approach, Todd has successfully led numerous strategic creative programs for Intel, Dimliar Trucks North America, Alaska Airlines, Outrigger Hotels and Resorts, SiriusXM, Logitech, Proctor & Gamble, Costco, Citibank, and Nike (to name a few), and has partnered with several growing creative consultancies to structure deal flow and nurture strategic partnerships.

A consultant at heart, his infectious passion for business and entrepreneurial grit is core to his competencies. Most recently, Todd has focused on creating cultures that can meet the high demand of today’s innovation and design challenges.


Determined. Positive. A husband, father of two, and cyclocross enthusiast. “Search for peace and maintain it.”

Full Bio
Senior Project Manager

Wendy Slocum

17+ years of marketing program and project management experience working with business accelerator entrepreneurial ventures and client-side organizations with Adidas, Mentor Graphics, Outward Bound, and Daimler Trucks North America. Driven by the desire to unpack what motivates and inspires people, Wendy is passionate about delivering engaging experiences. She is deeply committed to understanding an organization’s definition of success and collaborating with dynamic teams to exceed expectations. She believes everyone has a unique story to tell and thrives on creating opportunities for those to be shared. Outside the studio, Wendy loves to travel and is always up for an adventure. Diving in Fiji. Spelunking in New Zealand. Cliff jumping in Cinque Terre. Hiking Colorado’s fourteeners. Combing the beaches of Bali. If it’s out there, Wendy wants to experience it.


Running. Tennis. Cycling. Hashtag inscribed on the inseams of Wendy’s heart: #dontdiewondering.


Junior Developer

Hunter Watson

“I believe and stand by this quote by Burt Rutan: ‘testing leads to failure, and failure leads to understanding.’”

Hunter knows code. Maybe all codes. At just age seven, Hunter’s passion for software development was discovered while writing bots and macros for an online game so he could automate and receive more levels and features. Not long after, he learned he had a knack for computer programming, and even attempted to make his own computer games.

At 15, Hunter designed his very first website. Shortly after he graduated from school, he was hired by Watson Creative for solving a server issue other developers could not identify. He was able to figure out why the servers were continually going offline and malfunctioning in just under two hours.

After five years of working with Watson, Hunter has become a completely self-taught computer scientist and continues to nurture his talents as a Junior Developer on the Watson Creative team.


Active. Swimming. Nature Photographer. Hobby chef. Green thumb, especially for small plants and cacti.


Giselle Boyer

“I believe it’s important to take time to understand how things work. Teamwork, especially in an agency setting, is very important. Our work is hard, and people don’t always understand what it is we do. Knowing how other departments operate makes it much easier to help others, and makes teamwork run much smoother.”

In 2016, Giselle graduated as a Computer Scientist from the Universidad Central de Venezuela, one of the largest, most important colleges in her country. While earning her degree, she found her calling creating visuals designed to help people better understand information. Wanting to further her skills, she became a self-taught WordPress Developer and later earned her certificate in Information Systems in December of 2019.

Soon after, Giselle took on a WordPress Developer role at Analiticom, a company that provides expertise in social media and technology development, and was promoted to IT Project Manager after just 11 months.

Wanting to relocate to Venezuela, Giselle accepted a remote Developer position on the Watson Creative team and continues to create excellent and efficient code that enhances client web pages.

Organized. Passionate. Self-Taught. Loves to try new things. Talks in her sleep. Yoga. Shadowboxing. Former ballet dancer.

Senior Designer

Meg Miller

“I believe in not only creating beautiful designs, but grounding my decisions in purpose and reason.”

Doodler. Brand empath. Goofball. Extreme sports addict. Meg stumbled into the design world after realizing she wasn’t fulfilled by being an artist, and that she wanted to make functional art that bettered the lives of others. After four years of diving head first into Portland’s design industry, she found her calling at Watson and has loved every minute since joining the team.

Also goes by PRINCESS CONSUELA BANANAHAMMOCK. Mountain biking. My soul mate of a husband. My dog who is my actual soul mate. My friends and family. Good food. CAPS LOCK. CrossFit. These are the elements of my life that make me who I am today and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Senior Engineer

Víctor Rivas

“I believe it’s important to try to learn something new every day. To be open to new techniques and solutions. The world is always evolving and changing, so we must reinvent ourselves from time to time.”

Victor spent five years at the UNEFA University to complete his Systems Engineering Degree. After graduating, he began his career by becoming involved in many different web projects for companies in his native City of Maracay.

During a trip to Caracas, Venezuela, he started expanding his knowledge and experience with several Technology consultants, and later had the opportunity to work with clients in Spain, Latin America, and the United States.

Excited to work for a company based out of North America, Victor took on a job as a Senior Engineer for Watson Creative and has been developing successful websites for clients ever since.

One of his proudest accomplishments was when he single-handedly (literally) continued developing websites, despite being injured in a motorcycle accident that temporarily disabled his right hand and shoulder.

Intuitive. Empathetic. Motivated. Salsa dancer. Guitarist. Music lover: Latin, Jazz, and rock.

Senior Account Manager

Alicia Mora

Alicia attended Portland State University and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Media Studies. After graduation, she moved to Los Angeles to begin a career in the Entertainment Industry, where she produced documentaries for Fox Sports & ESPN.

After spending several years in LA, Alicia longed for home (Portland, Or) where her next career adventure led her to Ziba Design working as an Account Executive on the Procter & Gamble account. That stint not only garnered her a deep appreciation and respect for the design process, but also earned her a Delta Gold Medallion status (which she always used to upgrade her design team to first-class). Her time at Ziba groomed her for her next adventure with Nike, where she helped launch a brand into NASCAR, worked in Business Affairs, and Sheppard home film on the history of one of the greatest shoes Nike has ever produced (the Air Force One).

In 2010, the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina sparked a new career adventure, and Alicia decided to move to New Orleans. Here she spent 7 years working with various creative agencies and investing her time in the youth and revitalization of New Orleans.

Alicia later moved to California and spent three years working on integrated marketing campaigns for a small design firm called DDW in Sausalito.

Grateful to have worked with some amazing and talented people in her career, she believes home is where the heart is, and for her, that has always led her back to Portland, OR. Today, Alicia continues her career as a Senior Account Manager, and embraces the adventure of working alongside the talented team at Watson Creative.

Jazzfest volunteer. Favorite Aunt. Nascar enthusiast. Mother to a pandemic puppy named Bowie. Loves all seasons, especially Mardi Gras, Festival, and Saints season. “Do or do not. There is no try.” -Yoda.

Associate Creative Director

Sean Miller

“I believe that specificity is the key to universality—that what makes us unique is what makes us relatable.”

Sean’s career path has followed a dual track. On one side of the coin, he has worked as a marketing professional, content strategist/creator, designer, and copywriter. On the other, he has been an actor, writer, musician, and composer in the entertainment industry.

This polymathic approach has given Sean a broad set of skills and viewpoints he uses to great effect in his role as Associate Creative Director here at Watson.

After stints in New England, Chicago, and Los Angeles, Sean is pleased to return to his hometown of Portland, where he’s luxuriating in the city’s incredible bike infrastructure and reacquainting himself with its vibrant arts scene.

Newbie dad of 1 small girl. Experienced dad of 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 5 chickens. Related to another bald ACD at Watson. Enthusiastic kraut fermenter, bread baker, and salad chef. Used to regularly appear in national commercials as “the nerdy office” guy.

Studio Manager

Jessica Watson

Creativity meets organizational efficiency. That’s Jessica. With a masters in counseling psychology from Washington State University, Jessica is responsible for mapping the evolution of macro trends as well as helping manage the day-to-day needs of the studio.


Loves to root for: Washington State Cougars. Obsession: Pinterest. Bragging rights: Worked for Head Start and the Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP).

Senior Designer

Craig Kotfas

“The only one holding you back is you” is something that Craig’s Dad said constantly while he was growing up (and still). He heard it so much that it is the default truth to him now. “When I feel like I am not productive as I could be or should be, I stop and ask myself ‘am I doing anything that’s preventing progress?’ and make changes from there.”

Anchored just outside of Austin, Texas with his wife Shamayne, Craig graduated with a BFA in Communication Design from Texas State University (just south of Austin, TX). For the next two decades, Craig spent time designing for a small boutique group, a full-service ad agency (where he worked with Greg & Angi), and as the in-house creative/designer for High Brew Coffee, the one-time #1 independently owned cold-brew coffee at one point. With years of freelance peppered in, Craig is also a two-time finalist for the Austin Chronicle “Best of Austin” Graphic Artist.

Shortly after catching up with his friend, Angi, Craig decided to throw his hat in the ring for a Senior Designer position at Watson Creative and was hired not long after. Since then, he has upped the smile quota per day on Watson Creative calls and slack channels while continuing his craftsmanship in design.

Outside the Adobe Creative Suite, he can be found on stage creating behind a guitar as a singer/songwriter, as an award-winning comedic improviser, or acting on the set of a film, tv, or national campaign.


A sucker for positivity, despite being a diehard Chicago Cubs fan. He is known as “Grandpa Craigy” to three wonderful grandkids and this three adult stepchildren. Has two full-length albums on Spotify. Played “AL”, the creepy bar owner for an episode in “Friday Night Lights”. Once performed in a 48 Hour improv marathon. Appeared in National Campaigns for Ace Hardware, Fritos, HomeAway, and more.

Senior Account Manager

Aidan Payson

“I believe that making great work can be crazy challenging. But sometimes the most challenging work is the most rewarding.”

Originally from just outside the “other Portland,” Aidan first came to Oregon by way of summers on Mt. Hood’s glacier, where he cemented his love for the Northwest and his connection to a community and industry in action sports. Those connections lead to a career, first in event production for the Dew Tour, retail marketing at Vans Shoes, and eventually a scrappy start-up/ initiative called “Drink Water.”

In 2016, recognizing the relentless fleeting nature of time, Aidan went on a transcontinental bicycle trip in search of penguins down the West coast of the Americas with his then girlfriend, now wife.

Upon his return to Portland, Aidan recognized that a myriad of life and work experiences served an account management role well, so he joined up with Starch Creative and began working with esteemed clients at Adidas, Major League Soccer, Brixton, and Yeezy. Aidan followed a fellow former co-worker to Watson in 2022 where he continues to build on life and work experience, and is currently coming to terms with the fleeting nature of time by way of impeccable scheduling.

Irrepressible generalist. Youtube-taught home remodeler. Hiking with his funny-looking dog, Winston. Outdoors. Surf. Snowboarder. Hitched at the County Courthouse in 2020 (before Covid made it cool).


Richard Souto

“I believe in the concept of KISS: Keep It Simple and Stupid. Some developers like to write really difficult code. But I like to design code that others can easily understand, and resolve problems with quickly. It’s one of the things that defines me as a developer.”

Constantly adapting to frequent changes in the technology industry, Richard has been working with software design since the Jurassic era of computers.

After graduating as a Computer Systems Analyst from Fatec-SP (Faculty of Technology of São Paulo), Richard began his career as a WordPress Developer for various agencies in both Brazil and the United States. He currently resides in São Paulo State, Brazil, and has a 20-year background in IT, hardware support, and teaching.

Wanting to work in a team environment with an open-minded and motivating culture, Richard joined the Watson Creative team as a Developer and considers himself a lifelong learner who truly enjoys what he does.

Always up for a challenge, you can often find Richard working hard to crank out efficient and incredible website developments for Watson Clients.

Determined. Driven. Computer Expert. Also goes by Rick. MS-DOS expert. Chess champion. Lots and lots of coffee. Technology S2. RPG’s.

Technical Project Manager

Cesar Garcia

“I believe there is no limit to what you can accomplish. There is always space to grow, and always room for self-improvement.”

While attending school in Colombia for his Industrial Engineering Degree, Cesar began teaching himself code, and later earned a specialization certificate at Michigan University for a high-level programming language called Python. After earning his credentials, Cesar accepted an offer for a Product Management role in a small startup business in New Jersey.

After a few years there, Cesar joined a custom software development house in Barranquilla, Colombia, then later leveraged his talents into a spot on one of the largest advertising agencies in the world, Publicis.

Wanting to work with a more close-knit team, Cesar accepted a Technical Project Management position on the Watson Creative crew. Today, he continues to enjoy working with a team of talented developers, while crafting strategic development plans and solving our client’s most complex technology problems.

Curious. Self-Taught. Motivated. Math and Physics Enthusiast. Space junkie. Sour gummies. Dreams of building his own gaming PC and LEGO Millennium Falcon. Musician. Traveling. One of his proudest accomplishments was helping build an application for his family’s travel agency.

Digital Marketing Strategist

Tatiana Caraballo

“I believe that true creativity does not exist without strategy. Even efficient out-of-box thinking is best achieved with some kind of thought-out approach.”

Tatiana attended the Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano in Bogotá, Colombia to complete her Bachelor of Advertising. After graduating, she traveled to Los Andes University to complete her master’s in Marketing.

During the first ten years of her career, Tatiana worked in a traditional marketing agency doing branding, creative, and strategy for brands like Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff, Heineken, BMW, and Unilever. She later spent another six years working in digital marketing as a consultant for brands like Twitter, Mastercard, Mercedes-Benz, and other small businesses in Colombia and in the United States.

Today, Tatiana works as a Digital Marketing Strategist on the Watson Creative team. While coming up with incredible strategies and marketing solutions for clients, Tatiana is also pursuing her master’s degree in Digital Marketing and ECommerce at the ENEB Barcelona Business School.

Creative. Responsible. Easygoing. Goes by Tati. From Cartagena, Married to an Argentinian, her daughter was born in Bogotá; in Tati’s words, this is her “multicultural crazy family”. Vintage crockery parts collector. Party planner.


UI/UX Designer

Oriana Sanchez

“I believe that creating something great is achieved by focusing not only on the design of the product, but also on the design of the experience.”

Oriana attended The Miami International University of Art and Design and completed her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic and Web Design. Shortly after graduating, Oriana started working for a Digital Marketing Agency called, Analiticom, where she had the opportunity to meet and work directly with our very own, Giselle Boyer.

Later, she began working for a web development company called, LogosCorp, and was able to utilize and expand her UI/UX Design Skills while working with international clients.

After working for LogosCorp, Oriana eventually took on a role at Watson Creative as a UI/UX designer, and has had a hand in developing beautiful and functioning websites for Watson clients.

Funny. Creative. Shy. Caracas, Venezuela Native. Beach bug. Thalassophile (she loves the ocean). Surfs up! Skating. Dog lover. Friend of nature. Poncho (her dog).


Camilo Rubio

“I believe in minimalism. Especially when it comes to design. To me, less is more.”

Detail-Oriented. Independent. Extremely Outgoing. Self-Taught.

Born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia, Camilo inherited his artistic eye from two generations of aesthetes in his family. After attending school for Electronic Engineering and Graphic Design, he began teaching himself code while working as a web designer for various agencies in Bogotá. Yearning to combine an analytical world with a more artistic one, Camilo eventually discovered the best of both worlds as a WordPress Developer for Watson Creative.

Throughout the course of his career, Camilo has designed hundreds of successful web pages for clients from all over the world. One of his proudest accomplishments was helping his friend’s clothing company stay afloat amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Amateur MTB and XC cyclist. Gets up early every morning just to ride the local trails, such as Alto de Patios in Bogotá. Pro junior bowler in the Bogotá league. Coffee enthusiast and maniac. During the pandemic, he traveled most of Europe driving a truck… In a computer game called Truck Simulator.

Operations Manager

Corrine Salinas

“I believe that anything that is well designed should invoke an emotional reaction. For me, a mid-century modern flair will always grab my attention. I find calmness and peace in the overall aesthetic. Mid-century modern has the unique ability to be pushed into a futuristic capacity while still maintaining an ageless look. There aren’t many designs that have that range to be relevant today and hold a hand-me-down status; be it a rug, sideboard or (drool) oval-shaped dining table.”

For the majority of her career, Corrine worked for retail chain, Kinko’s (now known as FedEx Office), and gained experience in nearly every position within the center, including as a machine operator, project manager, supervisor, and assistant manager. While serving these roles, Corrine was able to attend numerous corporate training programs for positions in management and as a district trainer.

After the birth of her daughter, Corrine went back into the workforce at a 24 Hour Fitness and became the Operations Manager. Wanting a change of pace, Corrine began networking at the gym and was able to get connected with a director at a local non-profit, CODA, Inc. This eventually led to an Office Manager role for their eleven-site drug/alcohol recovery locations.

After a few years, Corrine decided she wanted to tune back into her project management roots and joined the SKIDATA Loyalty team as a Project Manager in 2017. She worked closely with major-market MLB, NHL, NBA & MLS teams to plan, identify and strategize the needs and goals for digital and in-arena Loyalty programs.

While working at SKIDATA, Corrine would often collaborate with a design team that shared an office space with her, Watson Creative. Developing a friendship with many members of the team, as well as a curiosity for agency life overall, Corrine later began her current role as a project manager for Watson Creative.

Sante Fe, New Mexico native. “Make it Christmas”. Her great grandfather was the second governor of New Mexico. Often goes by Coco. Ordained minister. “Friends” trivia expert. Green thumb. International traveler. Wine enthusiast. Blazers fan.


Hanna Paul

“People can easily forget about the words you say or the things you do, but they will almost always remember the way you made them feel.”

One of the best pieces of career advice Hanna received was to “find a job you love doing, and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

With this advice in mind, Hanna attended Portland State University to pursue her Bachelor of Science in Communications and Advertising Management. During her senior year, she started as a copywriter for an in-school advertising club called FIR NW. It wasn’t until Hanna was spending the majority of her time on copywriting assignments that she realized writing felt more like a passion rather than work to her. That’s when she knew she found the perfect career path.

After graduating, she worked as a front desk agent for a Provenance hotel in Portland, Oregon. Not long after starting, she was promoted to a Junior Copywriter position in their marketing department and was able to write digital advertisements for all 14 Provenance hotel brands.

Wanting to learn about other businesses and explore the agency lifestyle, she later found her role as a Junior Writer at Watson Creative. Since then, she has continued to improve her writing skills with the talented team at Watson Creative.

Optimist by default. Artist. Once swam from Alcatraz Prison to San Francisco Bay. Appeared in multiple cooking segments growing up. Huge fan of “The Office”. Child of Mt. Hood. Greenish thumb.

Project Manager

Colleen Frank

“I believe in brands that understand themselves for the betterment of their employees, customers, and the communities they operate within. Now more than ever consumers seek out value alignment with the brands they support. A well-articulated and authentic brand allows for deeper human connection.”

Colleen completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Oregon and earned her BA in Business Administration. Upon graduation, she began working in business development in the AEC industry but quickly decided her educational journey was not yet done. Colleen then completed her Master’s in Business Administration from Washington State University in 2018.

After six years in the consulting world, Colleen made the jump into corporate marketing. During this time, Colleen was a client of Watson’s and was able to guide the firm through its first-ever rebrand. She enjoyed this process so much that she decided to make a career shift toward project management and earned her PMP certification. She later joined Watson Creative to further develop her PM talents within the marketing and creative space.

Youngest of five children. Second-generation Irish. Future EU Citizen. Travel bug. Runner. Ducks Fan. Married her high school sweetheart. Labrador named Chief (pictured above). Ability to cook for 10 people.

Senior Project Manager

Paola Esteban

Bio coming soon

Senior Project Manager

Camila Maya

“The most effective way to connect with someone is to approach them with compassion, empathy, and a sincere desire to understand their perspective.”

Camila joined the Watson Creative team in early 2022 as a Senior Project Manager with an impressive background in business administration. She has dedicated her career to the advertising industry and has gained a reputation as a team player, analytical thinker, and trend-spotter who is always up-to-date with the latest consumer fads and behaviors. She is a firm believer in transformational change and constantly seeks new opportunities to innovate and improve.

With years of experience working in agencies such as Mullen Lowe, DDB, and Superside, Camila was eager to bring her enthusiasm, creativity, and unique perspective to the Watson Creative team. She recognizes the importance of collaboration and is dedicated to working closely with her team to deliver exceptional results for clients. Camila’s passion for advertising and her commitment to driving growth make her a valuable addition to the Watson family.

Volunteer caregiver of 8 dogs, 2 cats, 1 horse, and 2 cows (at her local animal shelter). Dream side job: Ice Cream Taster. Has been to more than 25 countries. Lived in Paris for two years. Proud to be a rare natural ginger from Colombia.

Senior Account Manager

Trina Motto

Bio coming soon


Don’t compete.

As long as you’re willing to dig down (capturing, excavating, and manifesting the essence of who you are), you’ll know why you exist and how your ideas, products, and services can scorch the fields of competition.


Traveling the distance between the start of something and the point where it lights up the world.


Great creative engages the heart, the body, and the mind with transformative inquiries.


Beauty has to be seen to be beautiful. And anything beautiful has to perform.

Dig Deeper


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